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Menu July 20, 2015

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Friday: These were sooo good and a good reminder that homemade burgers are way better than a frozen patty! Served with grilled zucchini and watermelon

Saturday: I found a pack of chicken thighs at Sam’s club for a good price and made this barbecue chicken recipe. I think this was my first time making barbecue chicken and I don’t think I’d ever use another recipe and for me, that’s a big deal. I thought these might be a bit more work than I was wanting, but it was so easy. I also froze the extra for another recipe. Served with corn on the cob and green beans

Sunday: I liked this meal, but the rest of the fam did not. This was supposed to be on last weeks menu, but we ended up not needing as many meals, so I pushed this one back.

Monday: I used a short cut and used 2 Rhodes Bread Loaves. We all enjoyed this meal! It’s a great way to get the kids to eat spinach! Served with salad and fruit.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with sugar snap peas from the garden and garlic bread.

Wednesday: Another popular meal! We did grill some fresh pineapple by brushing some oil and honey on it…so good! We eat a lot of fresh pineapple so I bought a pineapple corer from Pampered Chef, it makes coring a pineapple so easy! I highly recommend one if you like fresh pineapple!

Thursday: This was the first time I made these and I don’t think I will again. The cream cheese didn’t add to the flavor considering all the fat and calories it included. It was also a bit soupy, but that could be remedied by draining the tomatoes a bit. The kids love quesadillas, so they were gobbled up at least. Served with fruit and guacamole.

Friday: Nate’s 6th birthday, so his choice: Dino Chicken Nuggets, Macaroni and Cheese and asparagus.

Saturday: Served with fruit.

Sunday: Chicken Patty Melts (own recipe, grill chicken and slice thin, stack on sourdough with bacon, tomato and swiss and grill). Served with sugar snap peas and cantaloupe

Monday: Served with broccoli and fruit.

Tuesday: We make this a meatless meal sometimes by just doubling the beans and omitting the beef. I like to add extra veggies to this one too! Served with fruit.

Wednesday: Pork stir fry (I’ll just use a teriyaki sauce) with brown rice and pot stickers (frozen)

Thursday: I’ll use the frozen barbecued chicken for this! Served with green beans and fruit.


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