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Breakfast Options and Lunches to Go July 11, 2015

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So you’ve gotten a tiny glimpse into the variety of food we eat for dinner. Well, since I do spend so much time on dinner, I don’t spend a ton of time on breakfast. It’s pretty basic, but it seems to work. I know breakfast is supposed to be the fuel for the day, but making a huge mess is not what I want to do in the morning. The kids know what we have on what day, so if they get up early, they can make their own and it also cuts down on the ‘we’re having cereal everyday’ rut.

Kids Breakfast

Monday: Cereal (we rotate between Life, Frosted Mini Shredded Wheat and Honey Nut Cheerios)

Tuesday: Waffles (This is where I’m not sure if I’m saving, but the convenience of only buying every other month or so is helpful. I get Eggo’s from Sam’s club)

Wednesday: Smoothies in the summer or oatmeal in the winter

Thursday: Bagels

Friday: Yogurt Parfaits (Vanilla Yogurt with fresh fruit: strawberries, bananas or blueberries with “crunchies”: mixture of grape nuts, Uncle Sam cereal, flax seeds on top or if I’m on top of things I try to plan for Thursdays to be my baking day and have a breakfast bar or muffin made for Friday.

Saturday: Kyle usually makes homemade waffles, pancakes or French toast served with fruit.

Adult Breakfast

I go back and forth between skipping breakfast and finding something I can stomach in the morning. If anything I will make this oatmeal recipe: You can skip the nutella if you want to make it healthier or substitute a plain nut butter. And of course switch out the fruits. I love the steal cut oats and I love it even more since I get several breakfasts out of it! I am horrible at boiling over my oats (stove AND microwave) and making a huge mess! It’s so easy to warm up in the morning and I would imagine it would be super easy after preparing to dish out individual servings into microwave safe bowls, add a few berries and a dab of butter/nutella, seal and bring to the office!

Other than oatmeal I tend to favor plain bagels…I know, lots of wasted calories….Besides oatmeal/cereal/bagels it seems that the other option are breakfast meats and eggs and I just don’t care for those.


One of the huge perks of Kyle’s job is that he works from home four days a week, so we typically have lunch together unless he has a conference call. We typically eat left overs. I know a lot of people are adverse to left overs, but with the delicious meals we make, we typically look forward to our left overs. So I specifically plan to make meals anticipating to have enough to have a smaller portioned lunch the next day. This works for probably 80% or more of the meals. Again since I feel like we have a pretty varied, healthy dinner I don’t feel so guilty the occasional lunch where I serve corn dogs or chicken nuggets. Yes, I will admit we have convenience foods in our freezer. I usually keep a frozen pizza, corn dogs, chicken nuggets or pizza rolls in the freezer for those meals we didn’t have left overs or the “oh, shoot, I forgot to marinade xyz for 8 hours and it’s 1 hour till dinner” or the rare “I just don’t feel like cooking” happens to both Kyle and I.

When I worked and when Kyle was at the office regularly we packed our lunches and we did left overs or sandwiches. When putting dinner away it was easy to put lunch portions in containers to eat at work. That way we didn’t have the excuse to say we ran out of time in the morning and had to get out the door. I remember those mornings too well and I don’t miss them, although these days with getting lunches made for 2 and out the door to school doesn’t seem all that different. As with anything, consistency is key, when taking your lunch daily it becomes part of the routine and the more often you do it the less likely you are to forget your lunch in the fridge! Kyle would often come home telling me that his co-workers were jealous of his home cooked meals rather than their frozen meal, plain sandwich or cafeteria food.


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