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Menu Planning July 4, 2015

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My sister gave me a recipe box filled with some great recipes when I was in college. Before that I considered Hamburger or Chicken Helper dinner. From those recipes and all those years I have learned a lot about cooking and added to my collection of recipes and I hope to share something that I mostly enjoy doing! Sometimes I still have weeks that I struggle to come up with ideas.

A little about how we eat: I like variety! I don’t have a set rotation of menus (although that could make life a bit easier) I do keep my menus/grocery lists in notebooks and will go thru them if I need some inspiration. Kyle even gets a little frustrated that I don’t make favorites as often as he’d like.

I make one meal. The kids don’t have other options. So far I have 2 really good eaters, 1 not so great and the youngest is too early to call.

We don’t eat a lot of red meat. You’ll see mostly chicken, fish or meatless meals.

Some of my meals are time intensive. I enjoy cooking so this doesn’t bother me. I also find that the more I can do from scratch the better it tastes! Kyle and I are to the point where going out to dinner is disappointing because I’m thinking “we just spent a weeks worth of grocery money on a meal for two that I could have made at home for everybody for 20 dollars, but then I’ll have to do dishes, so never mind :)”

For a family of six (Zane and Nate are close to our portion size and sometimes more and the other two count not quite as one), so closer to 5 at the moment we stick to a budget of 100 a week at Wal-Mart and 150 every 2 weeks at Sam’s Club.

So how I meal plan: I plan 2 weeks of menus at a time. I shop at Sam’s club at the beginning and try to plan to use perishables during the first week. I shop at Wal-Mart every Friday and Sam’s every other Friday. I shop on Friday because the ads come out Wednesday and I can price match at Wal-Mart since the ads (especially the 2 day ads) run on Fridays. I know lots of people detest Wal-Mart, but it’s what I have found to save me the most money.

Loose plan:

  • Sundays – Soup, Salad, Sandwich
  • Monday- Meatless
  • Tuesday- Mexican
  • Wednesday- Asian or Breakfast
  • Thursday- Slow Cooker or Comfort Food
  • Friday- Italian or Fish
  • Saturday- Grill

Here’s the first 2 week menu plan:

Hope this helps you all! Give me feedback, suggestions….share your time saving and money saving tips…and of course your own favorite recipes!


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